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Karla News

Dealing With Someone Else’s Violent Child (Ages 3-7)

Having children can be one of the most demanding and rewarding tasks in a person’s life. Working with children, especially children that are not your own, can also be rewarding, but the demands are far different than that of a parent, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult children. Young children, from the ages ...

Karla News

Does Media Violence Affect Youth?

The debate over the influence of media on the youth continues as it always has since most people could probably remember. From the burning of books, attacks on comic books and pulp fiction, and now television, videogames, and the internet media continues to be a scapegoat for people to blame the delinquency of their children ...

Karla News

Why the Conventional Wisdom Against Spanking is Wrong

COMMENTARY | In the 1950s, the behavior of your children was a symbol of your “status” in society as a respectable citizen. Most parents led a decent life and their children’s behavior was simply a way of reflecting that. Proper manners and good etiquette were the norm and were rigidly enforced; and there’s plenty of ...