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Karla News

Top Ten Dance Songs of the 80’s

Ah, the 80’s – big hair, big earrings, big belts. Leg warmers, headbands, and Pat Benatar makeup. Pacman, MTV, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The Brat Pack, AquaNet Hairspray, and Vans shoes. Like, for sure dude, a lot of totally awesome gnarly words were coined in the 80’s, too. But who can forget 80’s ...

Karla News

Top 10 Worst Music Videos of the 80’s

After being subject to hour upon hour of horrible 80’s music videos recently, I decided to compile a list of the absolute worst. Get ready for a laugh. #1 Worst Music Video of the 80’s She Blinded Me withScience by Thomas Dolby is without a doubt the worst music video of the 80’s. If you ...

Karla News

Top Hits of the ’80s

Music is but one of the things that evolve as rapidly as fashion. The music of every generation manages to deliver ample shock value to the generation before. We have seen music go from the suited “crooners” to the leather-clad “greasers” of the fifties. We saw the Beatle era come and go, moving on to ...