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Karla News

Live Music Concert Venues for Blues and Country in Fort Worth, TX

A few years ago the Fort Worth music scene suffered a critical blow with the closing of the beloved Caravan of Dreams, whose past billings included big names like Janis Joplin, CCR, and the rest of your favorite classic and modern rock stars. In those uncertain times I was left to wonder if we were ...

Karla News

The Austin, Texas Music Scene and Industry

Every March, thousands of people descend upon Austin for SXSW. In the fall, it is The Austin City Limits Music Festival and then there are events and activities every other day of the year. It is non stop. The internet bursts with reports of having the most wonderful time in Austin at such and such ...

Karla News

Top Music Festivals Across Texas in 2012

The Lone Star state is known for having some of the best music festivals in the nation, satisfying a wide variety of tastes, certainly not limited to country music. From blues to country, heavy metal, punk, indie rock to reggae, you’ll find it all in Texas. Here is a look at the top five music ...