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Karla News

Review of Cartoon Network’s Anime Show Naruto

Although Naruto is the latest anime craze in the U.S.A, it had been out in full force in Japan and other Asian countries for sometime. In fact, this action packed plotline had already passed its 100th episode when Cartoon Network announced it would premiere in the U.S. Since its modest beginnings on the Cartoon Network, ...

Karla News

The Top 10 Ninja Movies to Watch on ‘National Ninja Day’

December 5 is the celebration of a special holiday known as “National Ninja Day.” Much like other fun celebrations, such as “Talk Like a Pirate” day, this holiday celebrates everything ninja and asks fans to show the world their awesome ninja skills. For those who just prefer to watch your favorite ninjas on TV, here ...

Karla News

Nintendo Vs. Sega, the 8 Bit War!

Many of us who grew up in the ’80s can remember when video games were just beginning to become a mainstream form of home multimedia entertainment. Our lucky generation has seen the successful early development of console gaming while it gradually replaced the arcade experience. Each generation is influenced by their age and individual life ...