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Karla News

The Top Five Adult Cartoons on TV

Adult cartoons are fun. Animation can get away with things that live action can’t. The producers of these shows don’t hesitate to go all out with offensive jokes and topics guaranteed to spark controversy. These cartoons step out of the formulaic sitcoms and offer something different for the seasoned television watcher. Anymore, there’s a cartoon ...

Karla News

How to Build an Action Figure Collection

Action figure aficionados are a varied group. Some are particular collectors who will only buy action figures that are still in their original packages. Others will only buy action figures that are from obscure television shows. And others still only buy action figures from specific toy companies, like Hasboro or McFarlane Toys. Whatever niche an ...

Karla News

Family Guy – a Top 5 List of Satirical Episodes

One of the most irreverent and openly crude shows on network television these days is Family Guy. The Family Guy fan base is vast, almost as large as its detractors, and when the show went off the air in 2002, it took only three years of amazing DVD sales and Adult Swim ratings to bring ...