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Karla News

Barefoot Running: Things You Must Know Before You Start

Barefoot-style running and barefoot running shoes have become the latest craze among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Barefoot running sounds simple enough, but there are important things you must know before you try it. If you try to jump right into barefoot-style running without knowing what to expect, you might be immediately turned off by it, ...

Karla News

The Running Debate About Toe Shoes

My initial reaction to the tidal of wave of excitement over the trendy, minimalist toe shoes was skepticism, reminiscent of the booty blaster shoe craze several years back. (Remember how Skechers Shape-Ups shoes stumbled when the American Council of Exercise showed zero evidence of any improvement in tone, muscle strengthening, or increased calorie burning? Or ...

Karla News

Guide To: Local Water Parks in Modesto California

When you live in California’s Central Valley, you are well aware of the extreme weather conditions. In the city that is the heart of the Valley, Modesto, temperatures soar over 80 degrees in seven out of the 12 months of the year. And during recent years, temps have been rising, to 113 degrees in July ...