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Michael Alig – Released This Year?

If you haven’t heard of Michael Alig, don’t worry. It’s probably best that you haven’t heard of him. Still, I find his story is quite interesting. Alig became known as a club promoter/club kid in NYC in the late 80’s, after Andy Warhol died. He is said to be the ring leader of the wild ...

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Criminal Defense Case Analysis

Criminal Defense Case Analysis Throughout this document a discussion of two main defense types used within our criminal justice system will be explored: factual and legal. The factual defense will be extremely brief but the legal defense will offer two sub-group defenses justification and excuse along with six sub-categories for each. Justifications six sub-groups consist ...

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Top 10 Songs by the Prodigy

Alternately with and without a “the” in front of their name, The Prodigy, a three man electronic music act from Essex, England have produced four full length CDs and 19 singles since their debut in 1991. Along with Fat Boy Slim and The Chemical Brothers, they are widely recognized for setting the direction for today’s ...