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Karla News

Managing Music on Your Droid

Motorola’s new cell phone the Droid, powered by Google’s Android, was marketed directly at the iPhone with the catch phrase “I do” for all the things it could do that the iPhone could not. For the most part the Motorola Droid is an amazing smart phone which currently is the image of Android. It can ...

Karla News

New Technology, Mass Media, and the Public

What will the media of the future look like? As Vivian (2009) notes, new technologies have always shaped and driven mass media distribution channels. With the advent of the public Internet, according to Vivian, consumers began swarming online in the early 1990s. Companies around the world have since engaged in a mad dash to beat ...

Karla News

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Songs on ITunes

iTunes has become the most popular music software available. Everyone has an iPod or an iPhone, and Steve Jobs is a household name. But is iTunes really the best place to purchase songs? #1 – DRM (Digital Rights Management) Ah yes, the dreaded DRM. DRM basically limits the ways you can use songs or other ...