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How to Detect Counterfeit Dollar Bills

The counterfeiting of money is one of the oldest crimes in history according to the United States Secret Service. During the 19th century individual banks were responsible for printing their own money so it was hard to authenticate bills because of lack of consistency. Around that time it was estimated that one-third of all American ...

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How to Spot Fake Confederate Civil War Currency

Collecting Civil War Confederate currency is potentially very profitable because of the nostalgia for the time period in Southern states, but also rife with fakes. Some of the confusion surrounding Civil War-era currency comes from innocent mistakes, such as facsimiles, and from criminals purposely printing forgeries. Recognizing some of the most common signs of a ...

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The Most Wanted Coins by Collectors

There are quite a few coins that are wanted by collectors but these coins will never touch their hands. There are several reasons for this. The coin is extremely rare because of a mistake in the mint or the mintage was extremely low in number. Another reason that these coins will never touch a collector’s ...