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15 of the Most Famous People from Alabama

15 of the most Famous People From Alabama Alabama is a place where many famous people were born. These are fifteen famous people who were born in Alabama. This is a new series about famous people who were born in particular states. The first of the series will be famous people from Alabama. These are ...

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10 Most Popular Landmarks in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for its busy airport and its role as one of the Deep South’s major cities. There are also many popular and well-known landmarks in the fast-growing metro area. Here are my top 10. Stone Mountain – The large mass of granite located about 15 miles east of downtown Atlanta is probably the ...

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Top Ten Celebrity Deaths of 2006

Each year we lose a number of influential and wonderful people. Whether a death from natural causes after a life well lived, or a tragic and unexpected death, it is always sad to say good bye to those who had such an impact on society and in some cases, our lives. Coretta Scott King – ...