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The Warped Tour: 13 Years of Punk Rock Summer Camp

Take the smell of BBQ, the sound of screaming guitars, mohawk hairdos and Mexican wrestling, (yes I said Mexican wrestling) and what do you get? You have the thirteenth installment of the punk rock summer camp that is, The Warped Tour! Thirteen years ago Kevin Lyman put together a tour that combined punk rock bands, ...

Karla News

Top Ten Coheed and Cambria Songs

Coheed and Cambria is one of those rare bands. Not everyday do you hear rock ballads composed solely to create a tail about Irobots killing their children and destroying the entire keywork of their solar system. Coheed and Cambria is this band though. Here are there top ten songs: 10. Devil in Jersey City We ...

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Bonnaroo 2009 Lineup Announced

Bonnaroo is a test of the fittest, strong-willed music lovers. Don’t believe me? Try hanging out in hot summer heat for an entire outdoor weekend, jamming your head off while being surrounded by other music junkies who have had too much of everything ingested in their hard-rocking systems. (2009 Bonnaroo lineup listed below.) Bonnaroo Music ...