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Karla News

Finding a Good Instant Coffee

Instant coffee was probably designed to compete with traditional brewed coffee with lower overhead production cost and more appeal to a high speed consumer in mind. There may be some good Instant coffees out there, but to compete with premium gourmet coffee is difficult because of the way the two are differently manufactured, delivered and ...

Karla News

Coffee Themed Wedding Favor Ideas for Brides

Are you planning a coffee themed wedding? If so, I have a few coffee themed favor ideas that I would like to share with you. Here’s a quick look at each one: Coated Coffee Beans Are you planning your coffee themed wedding on a tight budget? If so, you may want to consider handing out ...

Karla News

The Coffee Fool

As a lover of good coffee, I have long been in search of the best coffee available at the most reasonable price. I learned that coffee crops are very heavily sprayed with chemicals before they are harvested, roast, ground and sold to the consumer. The chemicals used on the beans make it difficult for our ...