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Karla News

Tips for Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are made to clean up your home but they need to be cleaned fairly often so that they can do a good job of cleaning your home. When you buy a new vacuum it often comes with directions on how you should care and clean the vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners are not ...

Karla News

Natural Homemade Cleaner for a Glass Stove Top

I once owned an electric range with a glass stove top that was one of the best on the market. I bought it from a local appliance store, and it came with a sample bottle of cleaning cream. The cleaner worked well to remove cooked on food, but it was quite expensive. I was a ...

Karla News

Best Ways to Clean White Canvas Shoes

Canvas used to be made of hemp a hearty material suitable for wear indoors and out. Modern canvas is primarily made from a variety of materials, including flax and cotton. It does not last nearly as long and it doesn’t stay clean forever. That’s why it makes sense to clean your favorite Keds and even ...