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The Best Flowering Houseplants

Flowering houseplants are a great way to bring some green into your home, especially during the winter months when your outdoor garden is dormant. Flowering houseplants can provide you with cheerful blooms, a light fragrance, add to an empty corner, and give your idle greenthumbs something to care for. When it comes to choosing the ...

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Cactus House Plants

The cactus family is a large one, ranging from the giants of Arizona that weigh several tons to button cactus the size of a penny. Many of them have adapted to hot, sunny, desert conditions, but others are native to the tropics and grow alongside the orchids in shade, high humidity, and organic materials. A ...

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Jade Plant: Unique and Hardy Houseplant

If you would like to add a truly stunning plant to your home then the Jade is the house plant for you. Its unique appearance is part of its appeal. It has brilliant green with fleshy plump leaves and stems on an upright plant. It can grow to a staggering three feet in height by ...