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Karla News

Review: The Incredible Pizza Company in Memphis, Tennessee

Incredible is right! You can spend all day there, and still want to stay. There are plenty of unique dining areas, tons of varieties of pizzas, desserts, a huge salad bar with every topping thinkable (and some you ordinarily wouldn’t), and I haven’t even started on the game room yet!!!! It is so huge, and ...

Karla News

Ten Secrets to Avoid Boredom

“I’m bored to death.” Boredom, at it’s worst, really is life threatening. Boredom can lead people to risk or ruin their lives with drugs, alcohol, gambling and food addictions, to name a few. These are short-term artificial diversions, and the result is a predictable treadmill to oblivion. Boredom can, of course, just be temporary, but ...