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Goodwill Opens San Diego Book Store: Innovative or Foolish?

With the opening of a new bookstore in San Diego (, Goodwill Industries is targeting itself to compete directly with independent booksellers and may be squeezing the already competitive market of independent booksellers even more. Although Goodwill spokespeople make a good point by noting that books were often lost in the mass of goods found ...

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How to Market Your Self-published Book

Last December, more than one in every 40 adults in the UK received an e-reader as a Christmas present – and with the Kindle, the world’s bestselling e-reader, Amazon has emerged as the clear leader in the field. Meanwhile, with its self-publishing programme Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), the company has been quick to capitalise on ...

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Romantic Comedy: The Unsettling Genre

Love stories that test the lovers’ capacity for commitment; long-term relationships that pass the tests of time, triteness, and temptation, and sail triumphantly to the altar; the dream and promise of eternal love; eloquent wedding proposals and emotional vows; spiritual growth through parenthood and the pitter-patter of little feet; finding the right companion and settling ...