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An Interview with Porn Star Icon Georgina Spelvin

In 1972, “Deep Throat” director Gerard Damiano asked Georgina to star in his next film. Ten years and over a hundred films later, she sought refuge in the Hollywood Hills with the love of her life and hid out for the next thirty years. Having written a review of her memoir, “The Devil Made Me ...

Karla News

Self-Publishing with FriesenPress Vs. Lulu

The traditional publishing world has been playing catch up to an ever-expanding world self-publishers. These traditional publishers are quite dramatic in their reach, and have really mushroomed in terms of their popularity. This is partially due to the expansion of the internet, with companies able to invite book submissions from around the world for a ...

Karla News

Designing a Press Kit: DIY Book Promotion

Press kit? What goes into a press kit? Can you put in too much or too little? Well, guess what… there are guidelines for these too. But before I go into them, try to do one thing. Despite the fact that there are ‘rules’ of how to put something like this together, it certainly doesn’t ...