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Cranberry Mango Pineapple Sauce Recipe

Canned cranberry sauce is not really a sauce. It’s more of a gelatin, jelly or relish depending on which kind you buy. Whether it’s a jelly or sauce, no Lifestyle Passionista end of the year holiday would be complete without this amazing cranberry treat. Thanksgiving this year was at my mom’s house in the suburbs ...

Karla News

8 Gift Ideas for the New Gourmet Cook

Does your gift giving list include someone with a recent interest in gourmet food or gourmet cooking? You can deliver a number of gifts suitable for a beginner. Look for something basic to help him or her get started. Does he have a favorite cooking show on television? Many of the cooking stars have a ...

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Female Gifts for Under $10

Looking for a gift for a neighbor, co-worker or casual acquaintance? It can be difficult to find something appropriate as well as economical. We ladies tend to grab the same old gifts in these circumstances. I can’t tell you how many candles, figurines, teddy bears or coffee cups I’ve received for birthdays and other occasions. ...