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Top Ten Songs by Aretha Franklin

Few people know what it’s like to be a living legend. Aretha Franklin is one of those few. Born in 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Aretha Franklin is considered by many to be the Queen of Soul. Since 1960, Aretha Franklin has had over sixty top 20 hits on the US ...

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The Top 5 Action Movies from the ’80s

Back in the 1980s the theatrical landscape was literally filled with action movies. With emerging stars such as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, the ’80s were truly the golden age of the action hero! There is undeniably a large plethora of great action cinema available from this era, and here is a guide ...

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Top 3 Bars in Southington, CT

Southington, CT is not the largest place around. We are a town, so the amount of good bars is limited in my opinion, but these three establishments offer a little more than the other places in our quaint little town and I will tell you why. 1) Sam The Clam’s This bar is located at ...