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Karla News

How to Create a Monarch Butterfly Waystation

Butterflies add a sense of peace and beauty to any garden, and one of the most amazing butterflies is the Monarch. Why is the Monarch amazing? For me, it’s because the Monarch instinctively knows every fall to begin migrating to the warmer weather in Mexico – where they overwinter before returning in the spring. So ...

Karla News

Texas Hill Country Wildflower Trail

Nature features some 5000 species of plants and flowers on the Texas landscape. Her most elaborate show occurs during the Spring months of March, April, and May. These are the months when brilliant colors blanket the fields and highways of the Lone Star State. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds attracted to the sweet nectar add to ...

Karla News

Secret Garden in Colorado Springs

There are many attractions that draw people from all over the world to visit Colorado Springs, Colorado. These include the Air Force Academy, the Olympic Training Center, Garden of the Gods park, and Pikes Peak to name just a few. However, there is a peaceful little known place that very few tourists have a chance ...