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Karla News

Movie Review: Black Swan

Black Swan is the best movie that I have seen since Inception. Inception and Black Swan are both exceptionally well made and deal with the psyche of man. Both films are nominated for best picture Oscars. Black Swan received 5 Oscars noms including Best Picture, Best Actress, Cinematography, Editing, and Directing. I haven’t felt affected ...

Karla News

Black Swan Ending Leaves Many Questions

The Black Swan ending is leaving audiences across the country with many questions about what was real and what wasn’t real in Black Swan. I saw Black Swan recently, and if Mr. Darren Aronofsky’s (Black Swan director) intentions were to leave an ambiguous ending then he certainly succeeded. The storyline of Black Swan is easy ...

Karla News

Review of 2005 Black Swan Chardonnay

Tonight, my husband and I just enjoyed a nice salmon dinner, along with a baked potato and asparagus. As is our custom, we opened a nice bottle of white wine to go with our fish. Our wine selection tonight? A bottle of the 2005 Black Swan Chardonnay from Australia. Properly chilled, Black Swan Chardonnay offers ...