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Suno Dessert

Summer is in full effect! There are all kinds of fruit, ice cream and icee treats in the air. If we like fruit because of it’s sweet goodness and we love ice cream and icees because of their cooling effect, why not but those two things together? What a concept, right? Fortunately, it’s been done and nobody does it better than Suno Dessert.

I had the opportunity to try Suno for the first time in 2007 when a co-hort of mine came to work raving about this sweet icee/fruit treat that she had at a local fair. The way she described it just didn’t make be want to run out and try it anytime soon. However, she shared just a little bit of her treat with me and I was SOLD!

At first glance, I thought it was some kind of ice cream with fruit, but upon closer examination I still had no clue as to what I was eating. Well, when you go to Suno and you don’t know what you’re eating not only will the staff assist you, there is a virtual theatre that runs inside the store that tells you how Suno is made. Suno comes from the name SNOW and is an Authentic Asian shaved ice dessert. The texture is light and flaky and the fruit is absolutely fresh. So fresh, that you’ll simply devour it in one sitting.

Suno can be found in various locations in the Atlanta area, so check your local listings for a Suno Dessert nearest you. Suno offers more than just wonderful shaved ice desserts, they also have crepes, ice creams and cakes as well as many other little yummy fruit and candies to top off your Suno treat. So, if it’s something sweet you’re looking for Suno has got it. The atmosphere is also very creative with very loft like décor and bright colors. It’s no wonder you can find a party going on after hours at various Suno locations that boast DJ nights, Cultural/Art events and in-store Workshops.

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Suno Dessert is quickly becoming one of the most sort after gathering spots in the metro Atlanta area. On my recent visit I thought I’d try something new and I decided to go for the Oreo crepe, which includes lots of Oreo crunches as well as actual Oreo cookies placed inside a lovely crepe with whipped cream and a cherry on top. One of my favorites is a traditional Suno treats called the party mix that includes the Suno shaved ice with mango, strawberry, banana and kiwi. Can you say Delicious! I like mine topped off with a little condensed milk and I am singing and eating!

Bottom line: Suno has a great atmosphere and lots of wonderful treats to choose from. The price point is between $4 and $7 and worth every single penny. Also, I am happy to report that some of the Suno Desserts are less than 100 calories so for all you health conscience people I say live your life!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Suno located in Duluth, Georgia @ Park Village, 2570 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, Georgia 30096. So give them a call today for your next gathering or workshop at 770-456-5635.