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Stress Relief Lilac Bath Salts


The soft, sweet scent of lilacs is used the world over to soothe and calm your senses. The scent is used as a sleep aid, is a common ingredient in many popular high quality fragrances, and is often found in many bath and shower products. The flowers themselves boast some of the most effective calming properties of all the sweet smelling wildflowers, and because they are so plentiful in so many places, it’s a commonly used at-home beauty ingredient.

The scent of a lilac has been said for centuries to soothe all of your senses and even help people with difficulties sleeping. Even people with insomnia and restless leg syndrome have claimed great results from lilac aromatherapy when dealing with their sleeping problems. Lilacs have also been known to help soothe stressed out people, and lilacs are one of the main flowers that stress-relief potpourri is made from.

Lilac oil is very easy to come by, and is actually relatively cheap compared to other essential oils, mainly because the lilac bush is a common plant through the world. Lilac essential oil has a scent that is strong and subtle at the same time; lots of the lilac’s scent is packed into the oil, but the scent itself is naturally soft and easy on your senses. It’s good that it’s fairly priced and very common, because you can use lilac oil to make your own beauty and bath products right at home!

To make skin softening, gently cleansing, stress relieving bath salts using lilacs at home, you’ll need some lilac essential oil, a half cup of sea salt, a half cup of Epsom salts, and about a half teaspoon of baking soda. Mix the baking soda and salts together in a glass bowl as well as you can, until you can’t tell the difference between one ingredient and the other. Once your salts and baking soda are mixed completely, add about 4 to 6 drops of lilac essential oil and mix well with your fingertips or a wooden spoon or spatula. Try to fold the oil into the salts as much as you can before you begin swirling to mix, this keeps the salts from scratching together too much and becoming too powdery.

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Once you have your ingredients mixed together, let them sit for about half an hour before you use them. You should have enough salts for a bath and then some, so try putting the extras in clear jars with ribbons and use as a gift – Or, you can save them for yourself and give yourself the spa treatment in your bath any time you feel stressed!

Another fun tip is to use fresh lilac flowers, gently rinsed with cool water and plucked from the green stem, dropped into your bath water for a pretty touch. You can also properly dry the flowers, crush them in a mortar, and add them to your bath salts for another natural, skin softening touch to your bath.