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Spiritual Law of Divine Love

The Spiritual Law of Divine Love is also known as “Law of One”. Spiritual Laws are also known as Metaphysical Laws, Immutable Laws, Universal Laws, Cosmic Laws, etc.

For five years I was protégée to a mentor of super-consciousness. Among important things he taught was that learning to apply the Spiritual Laws (1) is non-negotiable (2) is necessary to form a firm foundation for all esoteric/spiritual work (3) is necessary to formulate a true understanding that all creations are subject to Spiritual Laws.

Spiritual Laws operate whether or not we know them and/or consciously apply them in our day-to-day life. Spiritual laws were, are and will always be. Although there are hundreds of Spiritual Laws, the Law of Divine Love, or Law of One is within our soul memory and is all-encompassing.

In the hierarchy of Spiritual Laws, the Spiritual Law of Divine Love flows from Wisdom and Truth.

Spiritual Law of Divine Love – Is it possible to define the essence of love?

My mentor assigned this question at the beginning of my spiritual journey to higher consciousness:

“How do you define the essence of love?”

If this question ignited your curiosity, stop here and write your definition of the essence of love.

Do you agree that the essence of love is impossible to define?

Songwriters, poets, writers and artists have attempted to capture the essence of love since ancient times.

Spiritual Law of Divine Love – Law of One

Creator is the ultimate source of Divine Love. Creator instilled a spark of love within our soul memory. So that, according to Creator’s intention every living thing is connected to every other living thing and all living things are connected to Creator.

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After we have traveled about a thousand mental miles along our spiritual journey, it becomes possible to increase our thought-consciousness (vibration) to align with the pure light and love of Universal Consciousness, the Source of All That Is.

(This is how I see the Law of One. You may hear/read of others.)

If you are inclined, stop here and describe your perception of the Law of One.

Spiritual Law of Divine Love- Practicing Law of One

Because my mother abused me so extensively, for so long, the greatest challenge I faced during my spiritual journey was opening-up to experience woman love.

Slowly, I began to make women friends, but many moons passed before I could suspend judgment of women in general.

I continued to affirm: “I live by the Law of Divine Love. I attract loving women friends that are on a similar level of spiritual awareness as I am.”

This simple affirmation was a great help in influencing my change from victim to victorious.

As you continue your spiritual journey, you will likely face challenges too.

Stop here and note any challenges that come into your mind.

Admittedly, it’s easy to love our children, (some of) our family members, our dear friends, our spouse (when we enjoy a loving relationship) and, in general, neighbors/co-workers (whom we approve of).

Love is the expression of kindness, appreciation, compassion and devotion to our circle of friends and family. It is also the ability to get along with other people.

It is difficult to love the person who is difficult for us to love. To effectively practice Law of One in everyday life, we must send warm, loving energy to people who are different, who hurt us, who are poor and so on. The most difficult person to love needs our love the most.

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We positively must apply the Law of One to ourselves. If we put our focus on lack and limitation, lack and limitation is what we receive. If you believe you are “less than” – less pretty, less handsome, less intelligent, less worthy, you are working against the Spiritual Law of Divine Love.

When you do your daily affirmations, include:

“I radiate Universal Love.” “I attract Universal Love.” “I consciously radiate Divine Love to myself and to all other living things.”

You are an exquisite spirit. Look lovingly into your own eyes. Together let us say, “I am an exquisite spirit.”

Now, go out to share that loving look with others. There is no defense against love sent for love must return to the sender. Put your sweet vibrations on health, harmony and abundance for all.

The Law of One is where the beginning and end meet.

The Spiritual Law of Divine Love is the unity and sacredness of life. All those who make a conscious decision to live by the principles of the Law of One will attain great peace and harmony within. And, so it is.