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Save Power by Using an Alternative Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioner, Save Power

In this article I want to talk about an air conditioner alternative. A man named Geoff posted an article on the internet on an invention he created at college. His invention was a AC that used cold water to cool with. His plan includes a large garbage can, a fan, and pipes. He siphoned water from the garbage can. Through the pipes that where attached to a fan. This made the pipes cold. While the fan was pulling air through them.

There have been some upgrades since Geoff published his article. One is a closed circuit system. Its Geoff’s system, but it uses a aquarium pump to circulate the water. And does not dump out any of the water making his system work longer.

So now that I stated what my idea is based on. I will explain why I am writing this article. My idea is to take the closed circuit system. And go through an existing freezer unit.

This is the parts that would be needed. A water pump to make the water move around. A tank for the pump and water. This idea needs two temperature exchangers. one exchanger inside the freezer, and another for the fan. And then a fan to move the air around.

One air exchanger would be in the freezer. This is where the water gets cooled down. I had thought about having a copper coil in a container. And the container being full of water that gets frozen in the freezer. If using water, there could be a problem with the line getting frozen shut. I think cooking oil can exchange the heat like the water does. For cooking oil, a pump than can pump the oil would be needed.

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Another temperature exchanger would be on a fan. This is where the fan pulls air across the exchanger. Cooling down the air in the place it has been installed in.

The pump would be in a reservoir. Like inside a ice box. This way the ice box can be filled with water. And the pump can operate the way its supposed to.

The way the system would work. Is the pump moves the water through the freezer. Inside the freezer the water is cooled down. This water is then moved through the exchanger attached the fan. The fan pulls the air across the cold exchanger. Taking out energy that is in the air. The water then comes back into the reservoir where the pump is.

If this was successful. I believe it could help us to remove a compressor pump. Because we all use refrigerators anyways. We would just hook up into the existing pump. And hopefully stop the use of a AC pump. This would drop the fuel usage on our power plants. And save people money on their light bills.

Here is a conversion idea for existing AC units. An existing AC can be converted to use ice water. I know that AC units usually have two coils in them. One coil is the hot side. And the other coil is the cold side. My idea is to take the cold coil. And by pass its path. One end would be the water intake. And the other end would be the exit.

The AC pump would have to be detached from its power source. That AC could then be used normally. Except its cold supply is not coming from the compressor. But from a water pump in a reservoir near by. This would remove the compressor. And replace it with an aquarium pump.

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This would be a dangerous conversion to perform. We know that AC units contain a chemical in it. That is both bad for the environment, and your health.

On the AC conversion topic. If the cold supply came from an existing freezer. Existing AC units can be converted to use Geoff’s system. For example, my parents double wide has a central air conditioner in it. The coil that is inside the house would get converted to use the water. This would keep the house with a working central air unit. While removing the power usage of two AC compressor pumps.

A con that I can see with this system. Is the freezer that is used to cool down the water. Would be in more use than normal. That would be because of the water passing through it. How much more usage would the freezer have? I don’t think the new power consumption from the freezer, would compare to how much power a AC compressor pump uses.

I give God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, the glory, praise and honor.


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