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Santa Fail: “No Santa! No Santa!”

Pictured is Matt Crowell, December 2009, at the Lake Youth Foundation Visit With Santa event in Lake of the Woods, Virginia. My then 3-year-old son happily visited Santa without incident the previous two years; there was no reason to believe this year would be different. While waiting his turn Matt bounced with excitement, and upon seeing Santa was wide-eyed and embraced him immediately.

Nobody saw it coming. The moment he was asked to sit on Santa’s lap, a jolt went through his spine. Matt decided that he had no use for Santa.

Matt refused to sit on his lap, or even next to him, and scrambled for the door shrieking “No Santa! No Santa!” We were so surprised that my camera-wielding husband could not avoid being bowled over by his escaping son while managing to snap one photo to record the disappointing event.

It took me a while to find the humor in our “Santa Fail” picture. Yet over time, it has become one of my favorite family photographs. It reminds me of a few important secrets to parenting and life in general: expect the unexpected, keep your sense of humor, and let life happen. Merry Christmas!

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