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Royal Wedding Craft — Make a Fascinator

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A fascinator is a decorative headpiece worn in the hair. Kate Middleton is known for wearing fascinators to great success. Fascinators can replace a larger hat and make as dramatic a statement. Make your own fascinator to add flair to your spring and summer wardrobe. Fascinators are generally worn with formal wear like to the Royal Wedding or even a wedding of someone you actually know! But a small, more subtle fascinator could be worn with more casual clothes too.

Fascinators were worn more extensively in the past and used to be a small cap that was made of lace or crocheted. More recently, Kate Middleton has brought fascinators back into vogue. A fascinator shows the world that you are a little extra special, that you try a little harder to be chic. Make your own fascinator to match dresses, blouses, or any type of outfit to show off in style.

To make a fascinator, you will need:

Silk flowers
Netting, lace, fabric
Beads, sequins, feathers, metallic thread, other accessories
Needle and thread
Fine gauge wire, like 26 to 28 gauge
Hair comb

1. Spend time to choose the right silk flowers. Select one or two or more large flowers that you love. Since a fascinator is a small cluster of flowers and other delicate items, choose carefully to get the right look.

2. Add folded netting or a piece of lace or even strips of fabric to the underside of the flower. Have just a peak of fabric or lace or netting showing. Play with the arrangement to come up with a look that appeals to you.

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3. Sew the netting, lace, or fabric to the flower.

4. Add accessories. Sew small beads or sequins or other accessories such a small bird to the flower. Add a dramatic feather or two for a larger fascinator.

5. Use the wire to thread the flower arrangement onto a large hair comb. Be sure to wrap the wire around the comb along the entire length to secure it. Tuck the ends of the wire up into the cloth or flower so it doesn’t stick the person wearing the fascinator.

Photos by Emily Zych of her “wink” fascinator for sale in her Etsy shop, whichgoose.