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Riding the Train from London to Berlin

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Riding the train from London to Berlin can often be more economical and easier than traveling by plane. Most train routes between the two cities must go through one of the four stations in Brussels. The only cheaper method of transportation may be the bus, but that can take up to eighteen hours while the train ride is usually around ten. Passengers have a variety of options in choosing which type of train to ride to and from London, especially when making the transfer in Brussels. Here is a quick guide to riding the train from London to Berlin through Brussels.

Riding the train from London to Berlin: Departing London

The train ride from London to Berlin begins with a trip on the Eurostar from St. Pancras International Station in London and a stop in Brussels, where you can catch a connecting long-distance train all the way through to Berlin. There is a short walk to make the transfer, taking about 15 minutes on average days. The entire train ride usually takes around ten hours, depending on any delays. Depending on the type of train you are riding, you may have a specified check-in time. The Eurostar has a check-in time of half hour before the expected time of departure. Other London trains may be boarded right up until the time they depart for Berlin, Germany.

Riding the train from London to Berlin: Types of available trains

There are a few different types of trains you can ride from the Brussels-Midi station to your final destination of Berlin, Germany. The direct overnight sleeper trains are the fastest and easiest route since these do not require any additional transfers. The newer models of the City Night Liner night trains are fully equipped with modern amenities and comfortable sleeper cars. If you ride the daytime train from Brussels, you will have to transfer again in Cologne before you finally reach Berlin. When making train reservations for your trip from London to Berlin, be aware that the Brussels-Midi station is sometimes called Brussels-South, Brussels-Zuid, or Bruxelles-Midi, depending on which ticket service you use.

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Riding the train from London to Berlin: Your final destination

You may have several different destination stations available to choose from, depending on which train you ride. Some of the long-distance trains from London will stop at the Berlin-Spandau, Berlin-Zoologischer Garten, Berlin-Hauptbahnhof, and Berlin Ost stations, while others only stop at Hauptbahnhof. During peak hours, it may be better to wait for one of these more flexible trains from London, England so that you can avoid the busy main station in Berlin.