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Review: Radio Flyer Ranger Wagon

Radio Flyer, Wagon

The Radio Flyer #93B Ranger Wagon is an adaptation of the Classic Red Wagon that has been in production for over 70 years. It is the typical cherry red, with a sturdy, steel frame. The Ranger Wagon is unique from the original wagon because it features a high-back seat with a seat belt. In every other way, it is the Classic Red Wagon. It is less expensive than several other Radio Flyer wagons, but still gives you an added safety feature over the basic wagon.

We received this wagon as a gift for our son on his first birthday. We were so thrilled to see that the wagon included a seatbelt, especially since our son was so young when he received it. Assembling the wagon was a little difficult. It took a few tools and much patience, but it was completed in about an hour. We have been using this wagon on family walks for the past two years. We love the classic look, durability, and flexibility which this wagon affords. When our daughter was born, our son was old enough to sit in the front so that she could be buckled into the back. Our children also use this wagon to store toys and pull them around the yard.

Radio Flyer has made several safety updates to its wagons over the years. For instance, a “no pinch” ball joint was placed between the handle and underside of the wagon in order to prevent little fingers from being caught in it. It also includes a controlled turning radius, which prevents the wagon from tipping; We have never had the wagon even come close to tipping over. The wagons also have smooth, rounded edges which conceal metal that could cause children to get scratched.

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I must include one word of caution about this toy: It is very easy for a child riding in the wagon to reach down to the road/sidewalk, or get his fingers caught in the wheel. This happened to our son last summer when he grabbed the wheel while we were out for a walk. We told him repeatedly to keep his hands in his lap, but he did it quickly when we had looked away. Purchasing one of the wagons with the built-up, wood enclosure would solve this problem.

We love the classic, American feel of the Radio Flyer Wagons. The Ranger Wagon gave us the cherished toy with the seat belt we felt was necessary. This wagon is also very affordable, at less than $100. Our family is looking forward to using this wagon for years to come.