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Review of the Graco Duoglider Double Tandem Stroller

If you have twins or two children close together a good double stroller is a must. There are a few different types to choose from. Tandem which is front and back seating, side by side which are two seats next to each other and double jogging stroller which are generally side-by-sides but have larger wheels to accommodate all terrain and quick movement. The Graco Duoglider falls into the first category; Tandem style.

It has two seats one behind the other. The back seat is slightly elevated and called stadium seating so that the child that uses it can see over the front seat. The rear seat reclines to a completely flat position which is great for newborns or a sleeping child. The front seat reclines slightly for comfort. Both seats come with a snap on tray that holds snacks and cups or bottles. The trays also make it possible to attach a Graco Snugride or Safeseat infant car seat which is helpful when your youngest is tiny and sleeps a lot. The seats are quite roomy, especially compared to other double strollers. The front seat is a little smaller but my 2 year old never complained about sitting there. Depending on the model you purchase the seats include either a 3 point or 5 point harness. Mine only had a 3 point and I would definitely recommend buying one with a 5 point because it’s safer and makes it harder for older toddlers to unbuckle themselves and climb out. The 5 point has the added benefit of two straps over the shoulders instead of just around the waist.

Both seats have separate, adjustable canopies. The front one is removable and taking it off makes it easier to fold the stroller up. The canopies are generous, blocking most of the sun and when combined with the canopy from the infant seat, can completely protect your baby from the elements. The canopies are sturdy and took quite a beating and still held up well. On some models the back shade has a see thru window so you can peek at your infant without pulling the whole canopy back.

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The wheels are average size for a stroller and handle both smooth and rough surfaces. The back wheels are 9 inch and the front 8 inch. We used this stroller at the mall, zoo and on daily walks after my second baby was born. I did have a problem with one of the front wheels coming a little loose and thus making the stroller wobbly but it was easily fixed by tightening a screw. And this didn’t occur until we had used the stroller for almost 2 years so I can’t really complain. The back wheels can be locked so that the stroller doesn’t roll, an important feature for when you have to move away from it, taking your hands off the handle bar. The front wheels can be positioned either straight or unlatched for swivel action. Keeping the wheels straight helps when you are going on long walks and not turning such as with sidewalks. The swivel action is important when you will be turning or trying to fit into tight spaces.

The handle bar is average height, a taller parent won’t have to hunch over yet it’s not too high if you are shorter. It has soft foam rubber covering it making it comfortable to push. It is a one piece bar that curves slightly for a better grip. Newer models come with a parent tray and cup holder attached, sadly mine didn’t have that but we managed somehow.

There is a rather large and sturdy storage basket underneath the seats. It’s bigger than any I’ve seen on both single and double strollers. The only downfall is it’s hard to access when you have the rear seat completely reclined or use the infant car seat in it. I have noticed that the new models have a sort of spring loaded way to fold down the back of the basket so this would make it easier to use the basket. The basket has a solid bottom and mesh sides, it holds a lot of stuff and doesn’t drag no matter how heavy it gets.

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The Duoglider double stroller is relatively easy to push. Compared to a single it’s more difficult but that can be expected with a tandem style stroller. It seemed easier to maneuver if the heavier child sat in the back; you just have to be careful to make sure it doesn’t tip over if you remove the child in the front first. The stroller weighs in at 35 pounds so it’s more difficult to lift up and move somewhere. It takes some strength to get it in and out of the trunk. It is rather long when open so it won’t fit well in certain tight spaces but the added length means the child in the back seat actually has leg room.

Folding it is easy as new models have a button you press on the handle bar and it collapses and can be locked into a closed position. It stands on its own which is a plus. When folded it is quite bulky and still long at 42 inches so it won’t fit in tiny trunks and in other’s it will take up most if not all of the space. The size is really the only downfall to this stroller but then again it is a double and so huge can be expected.

The Graco Duoglider is relatively cheap for a quality double stroller. Cost is between $150-200 depending on the model and pattern you purchase. It will last a long time and can be resold for a good amount when you are done with it. Overall I liked this stroller, we didn’t end up using it much at all once my third baby was born but for anyone with two little ones close in age it’s a great stroller. I’m contemplating buying one again when my fourth is born, I had thought I wanted something smaller and more lightweight but with that you give up some of the features that full sized doubles have. But because this stroller is not too expensive it would be possible to get it along with a cheaper smaller one for occasional use.

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