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Review of Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color

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I am always looking for great shades of hair coloring. I came across Revlon Colorsilk hair color in my local beauty supply store. I like Revlon products and have good results with this company and their items, so I decided to try this hair color out. Here is what I found out.

Revlon Colorsilk permanent hair color states on their box that this product will leave your hair in better condition than before you tried the product. I have discovered this to be a true statement. I loved this hair color. It is inexpensive, compared to other hair color brands. It is easy to find. This hair color is sold at most places where I shop for beauty products and I can find it on sale or marked down, at many places. That fact is great. What is even better is that this product worked, was gentle and safe and left my hair with beautiful color.

I tried the shade ultra light sun blonde because I liked the shade. My hair turned out the exact color that the box showed. That was fantastic. This product is good for hair that is permed, color treated or gray. It covers all of my hair with a beautiful color that shines and looks natural. I found the color to be brilliant and shiny. I loved that. There were no missed areas. All of my hair went to the exact shade of blonde that I wanted.

This product is so easy to use! Revlon Colorsilk hair color came with everything that I needed. The formula was easy to mix and took very little time to apply. The applicator bottle worked great! The mixture was not messy and I had no trouble while using it. This hair color went where I put it and stayed there! There was no mess, no dripping, no burning or any problems. I liked the ease of use of this hair color.

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The key to this product is timing. I left the color on my hair for the full forty-five minutes and got the exact color that I wanted. I also blended the coloring evenly with my hair and followed the instructions. I was very impressed with the color that this hair coloring kit gave me. The color resists fading and stayed. The conditioner this kit had is wonderful! It left my hair in excellent condition. My hair looked healthy and was strong. This color also gave my hair some extra body. That was great. This hair color is spectacular for people with hard to color hair. It will color the most color resistant hair a beautiful shade!

My favorite part of using Revlon Colorsilk permanent hair coloring was the great looking hair that it gave me. The next fact that I liked best about this product was that it was affordable. What more can I ask of a beauty product? This hair color gave me my money’s worth and more. I love this product and it did give me natural looking blonde hair. The color went from my hair roots to my tips and did a good job of coloring every strand of hair on my head. I used ultra light sun blonde 03 but, there are many shades available. Revlon has a color for everyone. I think that this hair color is a fabulous product. It was safe, effective, gentle and worked. I will be buying this product again. I am very pleased with the performance of Revlon Colorsilk hair color.