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Review of philosophy cosmetics

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The unique lower case spelled product line of “philosophy cosmetics” have been on Oprah’s List Of Favorite Things for a couple of years now. After receiving a few of the products as a gift, it is easy to understand why. The products are excellent. Most of the products in the philosophy cosmetics line are a little pricey but if you are lucky enough to receive them as a gift, then it is a win-win situation. This article will review the philosophy cosmetics line.

Skin comes first and that being said the Philosophy “philosophy” (no pun intended) is: the best cosmetic is great looking skin. Most women are probably in agreement with that philosophy, because skin is where it all starts. Philosophy Cosmetics offers skin care, fragrance, bath, hair, makeup, and a few other products unique to philosophy cosmetics.

The Face products from philosophy cosmetics include anti-aging, cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators, peels, acne, sun protection, bronzers, hyper pigmentation, peels, unplastic surgery, and a few more excellent products. What is unique about the philosophy cosmetic line in addition to the quality of the products is the way they chose to name the products. For instance the anti-aging product is called hope and a prayer. They incidentally use lower case letters with their products. The hope and a prayer product by philosophy is a 100% high potency vitamin c powder which can be mixed in with a moisturizer, is used to protect against the damage caused by premature aging. The .25 ounce bottle retails for $35.00.

The philosophy cosmetics bath products are great and they are quite versatile. The bath product is called mimosa and it works as a 3-in-1 product serving as a bubble bath, shampoo, and a body wash. The 16-ounce philosophy cosmetics 3-in-1 bath product retails for $16.00 for 16-ounces.

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This next product by philosophy cosmetics is what could be considered as absolutely precious. This is the perfect gift from a daughter to a mother, or a mother to a daughter who just happens to be a young mom. The product line is called “state of grace” but the actual product is called “mommy.” This is a 3-piece collection of three perfumes called “amazing grace, state of grace, and pure grace.” All mothers deserve to own this collection by philosophy cosmetics. This 3-piece set retails for $80.00.

A favorite from the philosophy cosmetic line is the “falling in love” collection, which includes a body soufflé, shampoo, shower gel, bath, body lotion, bubble bath, a shimmer puff, a roll on and tons of other products. One of the best gifts in this collection is the “falling in love discovery kit,” which includes a love lotion, a love fragrance, love shower gel. The 3-piece set retails for $35.00.

All philosophy cosmetic products are available on the philosophy Web site. The philosophy cosmetics line is also available at Sephora, and other online retailers. To explore the many philosophy cosmetics products visit their Web site.