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Review of Nivea’s Happy Sensation Lotion

Nivea, Skin Lotion

If you’re looking for a great lotion that has a great scent and works really well at moisturizing your skin then try Nivea Happy Sensation. This lotion not only smells great but it really works at keeping your skin soft and moisturized for over 24 hours.

This lotion can help lift your mood as well. This lotion is silky and smooth as well as combining natural Bamboo and fresh Orange Blossom scents to create this delightful scent. The Orange scent awakens your senses while lifting your spirits. So if your feeling sluggish or slightly feeling down then you should try this lotion for a quick lift.

You will feel refreshed all day long after one use. I use their normal to dry skin lotion for that extra smooth feeling on my skin. This lotion is light enough not to over power your senses. Some lotion’s leave your skin greasy and the scent is to powerful. This lotion is not made just for the Summer. You can use this lotion any time through out the year.

You can grab a 8.4 ounce bottle or a 16.9 ounce bottle. For those of you interested in trying this lotion you can go to Nivea’s web site and try out a free sample to see if you like this. Their site is www.Nivea.com and they’ll also send you a dollar off coupon for your next purchase.

You can find this lotion at any of your local stores or markets. Kmart sales it as well as Target and Walmart. Some grocery stores also carry this lotion on their cosmectic aisle. Nivea makes allot of other products for the skin but this is the best lotion I’ve ever bought and tried. I love the fresh scent and the feeling of my skin after each use.

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This lotion is fast absorbent, it does not take forever for it to moisturize your skin. One use and you’ll see what I’m referring to when I state this is the best lotion I’ve ever purchased. A smaller bottle is under 2.00 dollars so it is very affordable. This lotion is perfect after you shower and have shaved.

Put this lotion on before heading to the beach for an extra coat of moisturizer in the sun. I am buying these bottles for my family for Christmas because I know they will all love it as much as I do. Get your bottle today and start feeling better as soon as you apply.