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Review of Monster Energy’s Import

Monster Energy

Review of Monster Energy’s Import

Price: $1.99-$3.99

Size: 18.3 fluid ounces

Availability: Most U.S. markets

Website: http://www.monsterenergy.com

This might be a first for an energy drink company. Monster Energy’s “Import” energy drink is produced and canned in Amsterdam, Holland. In case you were wondering, Monster is based in Southern California. The backstory according to Monster is that they were at a motocross event in Europe and saw tall and thin cans that had a plastic rotating piece covering the opening on top. The can can be opened and closed by pushing the tab on the piece to rotate the cover and reveal the opening. Kind of like those tops sometimes found on food seasoning bottles but cooler looking.

They claim the maker of the cans only sold and filled them in Holland so Monster set up a small operation over there and began filling them with their drinks. At first it sounded like Monster was simply hyping a new can design and some new graphics, but they actually made a tweaked version of the original Monster energy with less calories and less sugar and additional B vitamins with a slightly different taste.

The Taste:

You expect something special when you look at this can. It has a new logo and design and the little rotating seal is even covered with a small Monster sticker. When you use your thumb to rotate the seal open, a “pssst” emits as the pressure escapes the can. The flow of the drink is slowed a bit by the small size of the opening, but an air valve hole makes sure it flows consistently. Wait I’m still talking about the can but what about the taste?

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You’d expect a plastic like taste since the liquid touches the plastic top a bit but there is no taste like that. Instead Monster Import is less sweet than original Monster and what can be described as cleaner and smoother. It went down easier than other energy drinks and other Monsters. Those who have complained about Monster being too syrupy will find no complaints here. The flavor is subdued and light but still noticeable.

The Kick:

Caffine, Ginseng, and Guarana are all present as is Taurine and Monster’s energy blend. But most Monster beverages only contain two type of B vitamins, this one contains 4 types of B vitamins.

The kick itself is similar I think to the other Monster energy drinks, however you might get a bit of a quicker buzz since the lighter taste goes down easier. The can is also larger than regular 16 ounce monster sizes so you get almost 2.5 servings in a can. The added vitamins combined with the added size means a slightly larger buzz. I also experienced less of a crash with Import than with Monster Original. Half a can was enough to keep a steady caffeine alertness level going for about 3-4 hours.


I bought Import because the can design caught my eye. I didn’t expect a new blend or slightly new flavor but it was a nice touch. This is priced, depending on location, about the same price as 16 ounce Monster Energy cans or slightly less making it a good value.

Since it is resealable you can drink some now and some later without worrying about it spilling or going flat quickly. I highly recommend it if you don’t like Monster Original’s syrupy thickness and want to try Monster with a more refined flavor.

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