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Review of Kiss My Face’s Olive Oil Soap

Bar Soap, Kiss My Face, Natural Moisturizer

Can it be possible to be moisturized by a bar soap? I’m no fan of bar soap, that’s for sure. It’s body wash/gel or nothing. But when it comes to Kiss My face, I have to say they’ve done it again.

Their Olive Oil soap is, of course, a bar soap that is infused with olive oil. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that has been used in natural hair and body products (not to mention cooking!) for years. Upon first unraveling the paper wrapping, you’ll find an usually colored soap; it’s a very natural green shade, almost the look of blended plants. There are no additives to create this color; it is the actual shade of the soap. For those of us with sensitive skin, this soap works wonders. There are no ingredients that should cause irritation, so you are safe.

It comes in a few variations of scents and mixtures. You can find it mixed with verbena, lavender, green tea, honey, aloe, chamomile, and just pure olive oil. The texture is very smooth, without pieces that break off, or grainy bits that scrap. I don’t find the fragrances all that classic, but they fade away within 10 minutes after cleansing. I’ve found that it’s safe for use on body or face, with preferment to hands. Unlike other slimy bar soaps, Kiss My Face’s Olive Oil Soap is great for use in a soap dish at the sink. It isn’t too slippery when wet and is great for winter skin. If you wash your hands a lot during the day, this soap will give you the moisture and cleansing power you need to go about your daily tasks. It washes off quickly under warm or cold water, and leaves hands fresh, without an overpowering amount of scent. Liquid soaps can be convenient, but they are often harsh, and will cause your hands to crack with too much washing. Fortunately, this Olive oil soap is a friend to hands.

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Each bar comes in a generous size. You can use either the 8-ounce size or the 4-ounce size. They are rectangular in shape, rather than rounded, which can be a bit cumbersome at first, but seems easier in the long run. For one of these bars you’ll expect to pay $2-3, with three packs being a little cheaper per bar. One of the major problems with a soap that is natural like this, however, is that it doesn’t keep its shape well when left in the shower itself. It may ‘melt’ with the constant hot water and steam around it. If you want to prevent this, than keep it outside of the shower area, in another convenient place. But this is a small price to pay for a quality bar soap that’s all natural, and moisturizes great on body, face, and hands.