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Review: Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake

Slim Fast

This review is based on the Ultra Weight Loss Shakes made by Equate. The flavor I will be reviewing is Creamy Milk Chocolate. These shakes come in packages of 6 at Walmart. They are most likely going to run you a little more than $5.00. The ones I bought cost exactly $4.56 plus tax.

Each shake has 180 calories (45 calories from fat) and 5 fat grams. It has 5g of Dietary Fiber which is 20% of your daily value. It has 10g of protein and numerous vitamins (e.g., 100% Vitamin C, 100% Vitamin E, 50% Calcium, 35% Vitamin A and D).

There is no preparation whatsoever. I simply put them in the fridge when I get home from shopping and pop open the lid when I am ready to drink one. I normally drink one for breakfast on my way to work. I think they are absolutely delicious. They hit the spot every time. I will say that I can only drink them when I need a quick meal. By that I mean that they do not always fill me up. That goes without saying considering if that was the truth America would probably not have the weight problem that it does. I just wanted you to know that this is not something I can drink and be content with unless I have other things to take my mind of food.

I would definitely recommend trying these things. They should be cheaper than Slim Fast and they still satisfy. Obviously, you do want to consult a doctor before going on a diet but if you do decide a diet is for you and that weight loss shakes are going to be a part of that diet, indeed, go out and buy some a box of Creamy Milk Chocolate Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake.

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