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Report: Atria Senior Living, One of the Nation’s Largest Independent Living Chains, Failing to Live Up to Its Expectations

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According to a report from the Campaign to Improve Assisted Living, Atria Senior Living, one of America’s largest assisted living facilities is failing to live up to its expectations after being cited over 1,000 times for serious resident care problems.

The report states that Atria Senior Living has made numerous errors in major areas of importance. Some of the areas that have been mentioned in the report include, medication errors, not enough staffing, residents who have wandered away from the facility, as well as inadequate planning when an emergency has come about. The full report states over 1,000 citations and can be viewed HERE at ImprovedAssistedLiving.org

According to the report, many of the residents have been complaining of paying thousands of dollars per month and not receiving the care they need due to low staffing. In one part of the report a resident of Atria Assisted Living died after being given medication that was intended for her husband for over a month. In another incident in a Texas facility, Atria is being accused of having only one caregiver for over 152 residents. To most this is unacceptable and needs to be changed immediately.

Atria Senior Living operates 121 facilities in 27 states, has more than 8,000 employees nationwide and houses over 13,000 seniors nationwide. Atria’s corporate office is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Atria Senior Living offers four unique assisted living care facilities that include: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care and Respite stays. Each facility specializes in separate living conditions. Independent Living, is for the active and still independent senior who wants to be on their own still yet need just a little help and peace of mind when it comes to maintenance and activities. Assisted Living is for those seniors who need help with bathing, eating, dressing, and distribution of their medications, but can still function otherwise without the assistance of a nurse. Alzheimer’s Care is for those seniors who are suffering for Alzheimer’s who need to be safe and secure at all times.Respite stays are for those seniors who need temporary help after surgery or trial periods for those who are thinking of becoming a member of the assisted living facility.

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The Director of the Action Alliance for Senior Citizens stated “Seniors and their families pay dearly for what they’re told will be the best quality of care available, this report shows Atria may not be living up to their promise of quality care.”

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