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Red Bull Uses Inspirational Advertising to Sell Product

Adult Diapers

Most people know the phrase “Red Bull gives you wings,” because it has been ingrained in our brains via commercials. Those commercials used to be humorous, and now they are inspiring. The company now has a new inspiring #givesyouwings campaign, including a YouTube video, and a website centered around that video.

Why inspiring and memorable commercials and phrases work

Personally, I’m not actually a fan of the Red Bull drink, but I have always enjoyed their commercials. Moreover, the commercials cause us to associate the drink with certain ideas. Even though I’m not a fan of the drink, I may mention the drink when I see something that reminds me of it. This, in turn, may cause anyone who may be listening to be reminded that they could use a pick-me-up, or even to try Red Bull for the first time if it happens to be accessible at the time.

This is how a memorable ad can sell product. Not only are various people at various times reminded of the “idea” of Red Bull everyday, but that idea is “contagious.” The other important aspect is that the “idea” of Red Bull is associated with something cool, funny, or inspiring. It’s not like adult diapers, or something associated with an idea that causes people to shy away until they are in the privacy of their own home.


The newest video is beautiful. The reason it is so inspiring is that the three most important aspects of it are very well thought out and choreographed. The first important aspect is the imagery contained within it. Expansive, gorgeous scenery can itself be inspiring, and those scenes never end in the new ad. Take a screenshot at almost any point in the video, and you have an inspiring, beautiful photo.

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The second inspiring aspect of the video is sound. The video is paired with beautiful, simple music that only enhances the images flashing over the screen. It reminds me of the music that was paired with the commercial for the “Star Trek” movie reboot. In both cases, the music is simple, with the same sort of “expansive” quality as the images.

The music feels as if it’s enveloping you, the same way the images feel as though they are enveloping you. The images seem to move forward, as if you are moving into the scene, while the music is all around you, pulling you in even deeper. The descriptive voiceover is sparse, allowing the music to do most of the work.


The third inspiring aspect of the video is the content. Every scene depicts a person doing something amazing. In fact, the video illustrates some of the most amazing things people have ever done, such as Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall.

The best part is that mousing-over the video, when watched from the company website, will bring up more information about the person depicted in that section of the video. Fabulous. Mousing-over the boxes below the video displays the names of the people depicted. Clicking on one will cause the video to jump to that person’s section. Fantastic. I may not enjoy Red Bull, but I am truly impressed by its #givesyouwings web page, and by its new commercial.