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Profectiv Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener: Hair Care Product Review

I began noticing Profectiv’s hair creams in beauty supply stores about five or six years ago because of their bright packaging and their claims to give African American women “Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair.” I never tried them because I thought they’d be heavy like most of the petroleum based hair creams that are targeted towards African Americans, most of which never really moisturized my hair.

I only tried Protectiv’s cream because I was at a friend’s house and needed a hair cream to help coax my hair into a ponytail and Profectiv’s Healthy Ends was the only styling cream that she used. She told me that it had made her hair so healthy and she didn’t get split ends anymore because of it. I applied the hair dress to my hair and was suprised at how light it was, and how little I needed to make my hair feel softer. I decided to get myself a jar of the stuff as soon as I could.

My local beauty supply store was out of the Healthy Ends, so I decided to just purchase Profectiv’s Mega Growth Anti- Breakage Strengthener, which claims to make hair 7x stronger and stop breakage and damage, while promoting hair growth.

I got the strengthener home and used a bit because my hair’s ends had been feeling really dry. The bright yellow cream which contains soybean oil instead of petroleum was just as light as the Healthy Ends formula and smelled somewhat like pinapples and bananas.

I applied it to my hair before I went out and my hair did feel immediately better, but it didn’t really seem like my hair had really absorbed any of the strengther or gained any substantial moisture. And even though it’s a really light formula and feels watery compared to other hair creams and greases, I applied enough to make my hair feel better so it did get weighed down and I had to wear another ponytail with this strengthener because it was flat.

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My hair definitely looked healthy and shiny than normal thanks to the strengthener even though it was rather flat. I was really suprised later on that night when I combed out my hair and felt how soft and light my hair was, it was like the product had really absorbed into my strands during those few hours and infused them with moisture.

I haven’t used this product regularly because I don’t want my hair to be weighed down, so I only use a dab on my ends when they’re feeling dry or all over my head when I’m wearing it in a ponytail or bun. So I haven’t been able to tell whether it prevents breakage or not, but I’m sure if it was used regularly there probably would be an increase in strength since the Profectiv Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener does contain wheat protein.

I really love this product and I use it whenever I’ve been abusing or neglecting my strands to moisturize my hair and prevent breakage until I get a chance to deep conditon them. It really improves the quality of your hair in a few hours and it works really well when used overnight.

I’d recommend it to any woman of color, especially those who relax their hair and need to prevent dryness because it really will make your hair feel healthier because it gets absorbed into your strands, unlike a ton of other greases on the market that just sit on top of your hair until you wash it out. I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it’s great, but I just wish it made my hair feel light as soon as it went on instead of hours later.