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Product Review: Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

Explanation of the product:

This is the description of the 12.4 oz package. Twizzlers Rainbow Twists come packaged many different ways and in many different sizes.

The package looks very similar to a big package of regular Twizzlers. However, there are a few differences. Around the clear window, there are pictures of the Rainbow Twizzlers. On the left side, there are pictures of the yellow, orange and red. On the right side there are pictures of the purple, blue and orange.

To the right of the package, the flavors are listed. There’s strawberry, orange, lemonades, watermelon, blue raspberry, and grape. The clear window also shows the differently colored Twizzlers. On rhe clear window, the traditional text, “Twizzlers” is shown in white. Underneath that, the text “Rainbow Twists” is printed in yellow.

What the product promises:

The only promise made is the same promise that Twizzlers has made for many years. They are always a low fat snack.

What the product offers:

Six different colors of Twizzlers come in a package. The pink is strawberry. The flavor of the strawberry is very sweet and light. The orange is orange. This definitely has a good and sweet orange candy taste to it. The yellow is lemonade. After awhile the flavor can be tasted, but at first it is hard to taste that it is lemonade. The green is watermelon. The taste of watermelon is definitely present, and while it is sweet, it is not the sweetest watermelon flavor for a candy. The blue is blue raspberry. It has a bit of an odd flavor to it. The purple is grape. It has a decent grape candy flavor.

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The Rainbow Twizzlers still keep the traditional twisted straw shape.

A serving of Twizzlers Rainbow Twists is three of the Twizzlers. This means that eating all of the flavors is two servings unless you break them in half and eat only one half of each Twizzler of each flavor.

Is it worth it?

If you enjoy Twizzlers, it is worth trying this candy.


Just like normal Twizzlers, these can be used as straws. Choose a flavor and place it in your Coke or other cola as a straw. The flavor of the Twizzler will slowly mix with the flavor of the Coke.

Placing them in the refrigerator will make the flavors much stronger. They may not be as easy to chew, but the flavors will be emphasized.

The best way to get to the flavors is to taste the insides of the Rainbow Twizzlers and not the outsides of them.

Be careful with taking care of your teeth. These candies are chewy and can easily stick to teeth. Make sure you brush your teeth at least before going to bed if not earlier.