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Product Review: Tide with Febreze Freshness

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I usually don’t stick with one particular laundry detergent for too long, because I enjoying trying different detergent and experiment with different scents and stain power. Since I was low on my laundry detergent du jour, I decided to try something new. Luckily for me my grocery store did not have the laundry detergent that I had planned on buying so as I was browsing, I discovered Tide with Febreze Freshness. Now, I am very familiar with Febreze products due to the fact that I have two large dogs, however, I had never tried it in tandem with Tide laundry detergent before. Growing up, Tide was the gold standard in our household, so I thought I would like to give it a try.

Tide with Febreze Freshness really surprised me. According to the packaging, Tide with Febreze Freshness is supposed to release trapped odors from fabric and leave the laundry smelling Frebreze fresh. It certainly did what it claimed it would do. It also said that the scent would last for weeks. I did notice that the fresh scent lingered in the clothes longer than it usually does with my other detergents. Owning a restaurant, it’s important that when we wash our aprons, they come out looking and smelling clean and fresh.

Our restaurant aprons can get pretty dirty. It almost seems like no matter how much I wash them, I can’t seem to get the restaurant food smell out of them. Even though I wash them in hot water and add bleach to the laundry, they still don’t smell that fresh. This all changed once I discovered Tide with Febreze Freshness. I also enjoy the fresh scent of the Rain scent. I would have never thought that doing laundry could be such a pleasurable experience, but the fresh scent of Tide with Febreze Freshness is so amazing, I can’t help lingering around the clean laundry for a while after doing it!

Tide with Febreze Freshness also worked like magic when I washed our dogs’ bedding from their beds. After washing their beds and taking them out of the dryer, I really was tickled because they smelled so fresh and I knew my dogs would enjoy snuggling up in their beds with this lovely fresh scent. Sure enough, when each of them went into their beds, I could noticed that they were nuzzling their beds to get a smell of the fresh scent.

Actually, in a pinch, I have been known to use a little Tide with Febreze Freshness to wash my basement floor. I use just about 1/2 capful into a large bucket with very hot water in it. It cleans the floor very well and it leaves no sticky residue. It also leaves that incredible fresh scent.

Any product that gets rid of the food smells from our restaurant clothes and aprons has my vote. Tide with Febreze Freshness, really exceeded my expectations. The detergent was priced moderately at about $7.25 for the bottle.

I highly recommend Tide with Febreze Freshness for anyone who wants clean fresh smelling laundry. It’s also the best product that I ever used to wash my dogs’ bedding. With certain laundry detergents that I used in the past, it seems like the dogs sometimes avoided their beds after they were washed. I don’t know what that was about, but maybe the scents were too strong or unappealing to their sensitive noses. But all I know is I love Tide with Febreeze Freshness and I can vouch for my dogs too.