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Preparing for Your First Child: What They Didn’t Tell Me

When I found out I was pregnant at six weeks I immediately wanted to buy everything I saw. There were so many cute clothes and toys, that I just couldn’t resist. I read numerous books and articles. I even joined mommy boards all in preparation for having my first baby. During my baby shower they even went around the circle giving me advice that would prepare and help me. Within the first few days of my daughter’s life I began to think No one ever told me that!

We were a family on a budget and common sense should have told me that it was not necessary to try and buy everything before the baby was born. I drove my husband crazy all the way until the drive to the hospital to make sure that we had everything on my list and that everything was put together and batteries were installed. What would my day old baby do with the excersaucer that I made my husband put together the night before I was due to go to the hospital?

I bought so many cute outfits that our daughter never got to wear. During your babies first month of life, you probably won’t go out much. Outside of Dr. Appointment’s we did not leave the house for the first 4 weeks. So our daughter had on sleepers 90% of the time. I sometimes found myself slipping on her “cute outfits” just so I could say she wore them. Along with all of the cute clothes I bought I also bought matching shoes, which of course turned out to be a complete waste of money. Until a child is walking shoes are not necessary. If I would have known I could have put that money to much better use; like purchasing diapers.

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I know you will get lots of diapers during baby showers, which is unavoidable, but do not purchase too many diapers on your own before the birth of your child. It is possible that your child could be allergic to the diapers, or they just may not work for you. I would purchase diapers whenever I saw them on sale. Luckily size wasn’t an issue, because my daughter was fairly small. However there were diapers that I purchased that she would get diaper rashes from. Unfortunately I had to give away diapers, because my daughter was unable to use them.

You can never have enough cloth diapers and bibs. From day one, my daughter was a drooled allots and spit up frequently. Numerous outfits were ruined before I ran out and bought bibs with the wonderful plastic backing. You don’t have to have the fancy ones with all the cute sayings that don’t have the plastic on the back. When your child drools the ones with the plastic backing will keep them dry and you won’t have to change it so frequently. I also learned that cloth diapers weren’t only used as diapers; they make a wonderful cleanup tool for the many messes associated with a newborn.

As a first time parent, it’s natural to want to purchase everything that the magazines tell you that you need. It’s normal to want to give your baby every toy you see and all of the cute outfits. The reality is most of these things or either not needed or you can relax and wait a little bit longer to purchase them. After all in the begging alls your baby really needs is lots of love!