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Playnation Playsets Customer Review

Buying a swing set for your home is a major purchase. Before our family decided which playset to buy for the kids, we did a lot of research to find the best one. Our kids were 5 and 7, and we had an average size backyard that a swing set would fit into. The kids were very excited about getting a playset, and thought the whole research process was just delaying their fun. They wanted the playset right away, and thought that all our research time on the internet was crazy.

We spent about a month deciding on which playset to purchase, knowing that this was going to be in our backyard for years. We wanted it to last. We read purchase reviews, warranty information, customer comments, safety tips, and got educated about wood types. We wanted to have no regrets after we bought it.

We agreed on a Playnation playset, after all of our research. We read over their website extensively, and agreed that they had the best warranty for the longest amount of time. Their customer reviews were mostly positive, and their safety standards were the best.

In our comparison search, Playnation got better customer feedback than other competitors. We compared other brands like Gorilla Playsets, Playground Mall and big retail stores. Gorilla playsets also ranked high, but we found more feedback from customers at Planation. PlayNation had been in business for longer, and that offered an added benefit.

Many of the Playnation sets had a feature called “Timbershield” on their swing beams and swing frame. This is like a thick, rubber and plastic wrapping over the wood, so that it stays protected from the sun, bugs, and the weather. Since we live in Georgia, we have very intense heat and humidity, this was a major benefit.

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We also knew that we didn’t want a metal swing set, since they start to look so bad after about 2 years with the rust and the discoloration. I had a metal swing set growing up, and one night during a rain storm, a tree fell on it and crushed it. The dented swing set sat in our yard for 2 more years before anyone moved it, since it was cemented into the ground. It was a rusty, dented, eye-sore in our backyard.

When we looked over the safety standards, we noticed that most companies claimed that their sets were the safest. We did a lot of reading to make sure we knew what the safest features were. We wanted recessed hardware, pre-sanded lumber, a slide with high walls and flat ladder steps. Government standards regulate most safety standards, so a lot of them were similar. The safety features we liked best were the flat ladder steps and the sturdy slides. Playnation’s slides were very solid, didn’t need to be braced from the bottom, and carried a lifetime warranty. You can’t beat that.

The last detail in our search was on the accessories. The extra playset options that come with the set would get a lot of use, so we read about those too. We wanted solid, sturdy, plastic accessories that wouldn’t get too hot in the sun. We also wanted them to stay brightly colored and not fade into a gray color over time. When we looked at accessories, we noticed that some of them had built-in UV protection to prevent the color from fading. This was another reason we picked this manufacturer.

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After all my hours of reading and research, I felt like I could save someone the trouble of having to do it themselves if I wrote about my findings. Playnation came out in the lead, with Gorilla Playsets a close second, and Costco as last. The sets they sell aren’t bad, but going through a middleman made for a longer wait and less customer service representation.

We opted to go to the manufacturer, direct. The prices were very close, and sometimes they were less. By ordering direct from the factory,we got our swing set delivered in 3 days. After making the kids wait for a month for us to finally buy it, we let the factory suggest a builder for us. Their builders had it built by that afternoon. The kids were so excited to see it done when they got home from school, that they rushed out to play on it. The kids use their swing set every day, and we are thrilled with the play options it gave the family.