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Planning an Indoor Garden Theme Party

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Garden parties, they’re not just for garden’s anymore.

Of course, a garden, or at least a nice-sized porch or patio, is an ideal setting for a garden party. However, city dwellers without a square foot of land to call their own who like the idea of a garden party can still have one, with a bit of ingenuity.

To begin transforming your party area into a indoor garden, remove as much clutter as possible; especially indoor modern electronics, that can really kill the atmosphere. If you can’t remove them, try covering them up with a nice floral or leafy slip cover or large swatch of discount fabric, or put a floral screen or divider in front of them for the day. No heavy blankets or quilts- keep it light and airy.

If you have a floral screen or divider that is translucent, put a lamp behind it and turn it on for a soft glow.

Consider replacing your regular furniture with lawn furniture for the day. If it is possible, rent it or borrow it from friends. If this is not a possibility, look for outdoor garden table cloths and chair cushions to place on your existing furniture. At the very least, try to get some lawn chairs or wicker for extra seating.

Of course, the best way to transform your room into a garden is with lots of plants. Place potted plants throughout the room. Top surfaces with vases of fresh cut flowers. Drape garland made of vines and flowers throughout the room. Float flowers in crystal bowls of water, or float them in your punch bowl.

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Natural light is another great way of bringing the outdoors in, and will help give a warm glow to your room. Remove or open any heavy draperies, blinds or shades for the day. If you must have some kind of window coverings, opt for simple, white sheer panels. Remember, think light and airy, like the great outdoors.

Using things you will find in a garden will also help spruce up your room to give it a garden-like feel. Try to look for picket fence pieces or trellises at thrift shops or garden centers, and stand them against the wall. Top surfaces with baskets filled with herbs, fruits and vegetables, or even cut branches or silk flowers. Hang some wind chimes in the room. Put a few garden tools around the room, such as a rake or spade standing in the corner. Embellish these further with silk ivy leaf vines and flower buds. Alternately, hang child-sized garden tools from hooks on the wall as decorations.

Make the table setting fun as well. Tie silk flowers on napkin rings for napkin holders. Write your guests name on plant markers to use as place cards. Stick them in miniature 1-inch flower pots filled with salt (cover the bottom with a piece of clean parchment or wax paper to avoid it spilling through). Place a watering can holding a bouquet of flowers as a center piece.

If you really want to go all out, get some silk butterflies and dragon fly embellishments from a craft store and suspend them from thread from the ceiling to make it look like they are flitting around.

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Put on the fan for a light breeze reminiscent of a nice spring or autumn day, and keep the windows open for a nice cross breeze. Spray some floral air freshener before your guests come to make your room smell like a flower bed.

Serve foods made with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and season and garnish with fresh herbs. Serve herbal teas, lemonade and spring water with lemon.

If you love gardens, but can’t get outdoors, there’s no reason you can’t bring the outdoors inside for a great garden theme party.