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Planning a Race Car Theme Birthday Party

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Race cars are very popular among boys and many children would love to have a race car themed birthday party. If you are the parent of a race car lover, you may be wondering how to plan for a race car themed party. This article will provide you with a few ideas to get your race car party off to a fast start . . . ready, set, go!

Pick a Party Location

If you have a family fun center in your town with little race cars or go-karts, call the facility and book them for a birthday party. These family attractions offer a great value for parents who wish to give their child a special party by hosting the facility, offering tasty treats like pizza and soft drinks, and providing the party guests with zooming fun! Ask for special birthday packages.

If you do not have a go-cart facility in your town, then you can give your living room a race car makeover with decorations for the party.

Send Out Race Car Themed Invitations

Once you have your date and location reserved, you need to plan your party invitations. You can purchase pre-made race car themed invitations at any party store or online at places such as Oriental Trading.

DIY: Race Car Invitations
However, for a personal touch, have your child help you make homemade race invitations. You’ll need just a few craft supplies including cardstock (heavy duty paper), colored markers, scissors, and envelopes. Look for race car themed paper and stickers at local craft stores.

1. Find a shape of a race car from a toy package, magazine, or online source.

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2. Trace the race car outline onto the cardstock. If you are using race car themed paper, I suggest using it for an outer layer of the invitation. Then, trace a slightly smaller race car onto white cardstock and glue it to the race car paper.

3. Write down the details of the birthday party with the colored markers. Be sure to include the essential information: who, when, where, and RSVP details.

4. Add race car themed stickers randomly to the invitation.

5. Insert into envelope and address. Note that an envelope is not required if you are handing out the invitations rather than mailing them.

Purchase Race Car Themed Decorations

To set a festive atmosphere, choose fun race car themed decorations from an online retailer or your local party store. Go with a checklist of required items and a secondary checklist of nice-to-have items.

Party decorations that are essential for a race car themed birthday party include balloons, cake plates, napkins, drinking cups, and a happy birthday banner.

Call your local bakery and order a race car themed birthday cake. You can probably choose several different options on the cake from stock race cars to Disney’s Lightning McQueen.

Other race themed birthday party items that are fun to purchase if your budget allows are table centerpieces or a piñata filled with candy.

DIY: Make a Special Race Car Themed Birthday Banner

You can make your own race car happy birthday banner as a special surprise for your child.

You’ll need black and white checked paper, red paper, scissors, glue, tape, and string. Look at your local craft store for these supplies.

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1. Cut the black and white checked paper into triangles. Cut enough triangles to spell out the words “Happy Birthday” plus your child’s name.

2. Use the red paper to cut out letters to spell “Happy Birthday” plus your child’s name.

3. Glue each red letter to the black and white triangle.

4. Measure out a length of string or yarn long enough for all the letters and add extra at each end for hanging.

5. Tape each triangle with letter to the string in the proper order to spell “Happy Birthday (child’s name)”.

6. Display the finished banner at the party location.

As an extra special bonus, have each friend at the party take a black marker and write a happy birthday note to your child on the red letters. Your child will be able to save the banner and hang it up in his room after the party.

Create Race Car Themed Birthday Goody Bags

A great kid’s birthday party includes themed goodie bags. Purchase small gift bags at your local party store or from an online retailer. Add race car themed toys including individual die cast race cars, stickers, activity books, pencils, or noise makers.

DIY: Make Race Car Themed Hats

If your budget allows, you could include a special race car hat for each party attendee. During the party, the kids can do a fun project and decorate their own race car hat.

You can find plain white baseball hats at local craft stores. Provide decorating materials including fabric markers, beads, stickers, glue, glitter, toy cars, car themed buttons, or car themed patches. The kids will have fun making this exciting race car hat.