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Personalized Wine Cork Place Card Holder

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Have you been saving wine corks? Good; that means you already have what you need to make personalized cork place card holders for a wedding or party. Not only will the corks mark the places where the guests will sit, but they also become cute table accents for a wine party, a wedding, or another special occasion. The corks will also be cherished keepsakes from the event since you will personalize each one.

Wine corks have many uses but none are quite as easy and adorable as a cork place card holder. All of the corks that you use don’t have to match exactly; they’ll all be different when you’re finished with them, anyway.

Stand a cork up on one round end and take a slice down one side of it. Use a sharp knife and cut the tiniest sliver so that the wine cork won’t roll when you set it on the table. The flat area you’ve created by making the slice will now become the bottom of the place card holder. On the opposite side – the top – cut a slit from one end to the other, to create a place for the card.

Use a pen or a fine-tip, permanent marker, to write sentiments, loving words, or whatever you want, onto each cork. You can write the same thing on each cork but, better yet, it’s thoughtful to write special words with meaning between you and that particular guest. For example, a cork place card holder for your dad can have written words like “Dad”, “Loving”, “Hero”, and “Thanks”. For a childhood friend, the cork could have words like “Friend”, “Kids Forever”, “Bond”, or “Always”. Write an excerpt from the Bible, a poem, or a popular sentiment, to create a personalized cork for each guest.

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Use card stock to make the actual cards for the wine cork stand. Just write the person’s name on the card and slide it into the slit of the cork. The card can be embellished or can just be a simple name card.

The wine cork place card stand has somewhat of a rustic look, but fits in nicely with many different types of parties. Each guest will take a cork home and cherish it, especially since it has a message or loving words, directly from you.