If it’s that time again and your kids teeth are getting loose or you are seeing those baby teeth pop out more and more maybe you should make an appointment for your little guy or gal to go see the dentist. Picking a good dentist is hard. Be sure to pick a friendly pediatric dentist with a good track record to make sure your child has a pleasant dental experience. Here are a few great pediatric dentists in New York City, New York.

1. A Twinkle Dentist

This pediatrician’s office has many advantages. They have a very friendly team of staff and give off a real feel good attitude. This place actually makes your kids interested in taking care of their teeth and sets them off for a lifetime of good dental hygiene. I would recommend this place to anyone. They have Wii video games, balls, books and teen magazines to keep everyone happy in the waiting room and maintain a very calm and relaxing environment.

They are located at 330. W. 58th Street in Columbus Circle, NY. You can reach them on the telephone at 212-757-9653 to book an appointment or visit them online at http://www.twinkledentist.com/. You can even show this website to your child as the beach balls rolling across the page bring a very fun and friendly feeling to you and your family!

2. Open Sesame Dentistry

Open Sesame will take your kids in case of emergency and usually find a way to reimburse you or make a payment plan. This is a great dentist for a real family living in real situations. They ensure your child not only gets grade A checkups and dental care but teaches and reinforces your kids on how to take care of teeth outside the dental office.

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You can call Open Sesame Dentistry at 212-874-1200 for more information or to book an appointment. Also check them out online at http://www.opensesamekids.com/ and enjoy the catchy tune they play to relax you.

3. Bright Healthy Smiles

Bright Healthy Smiles is a pediatric dentistry that prides themselves on “Building Healthy Foundations For Bright Futures”. This is another excellent dental clinic to take your ever-growing offspring with all their loose teeth and first cavities. They offer an array of services from cleaning to regular check ups to dental surgery and teeth pulling. But don’t worry their relaxing environment and friendly staff will have the bad parts over before they know it and leave them with a fun toy from the treasure chest! This clinic offers service in fluent Spanish, French, Greek, Italian and Arabic as well as English so it’s friendly for everyone!

Visit them online at http://www.brighthealthysmiles.com/ or call them at 212-355-7760 to speak with them today about your child’s dental health and future.

There are plenty more great pediatric dentists located in New York City. Make sure you and your child are comfortable with he dentist you pick and the office where the clinic is. Having a relaxed child at the dentist now will make all the difference in guaranteeing your son or daughter’s dental future later!