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Paranormal State: “The Return of Six”

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At the end of a long day I settled in to do my Monday ritual and watch Paranormal State on A&E.; This episode was known as “The Return of Six” and was, by far, the most startling Paranormal State that I have seen thus far. For that hour I did not want to step away from the television for even a second. I had to see what happened next with the young woman that was possessed by a demonic spirit.

Not too long ago Paranormal State broadcasted “I am Six” where there was a demonic possession of a young woman and Ryan Buell along with the rest of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) went in to fight this demonic possession with an exorcism. That episode was what I believed to be one of the more frightening episodes I had seen, until now. “Six” is back and with more power than before.

“The Return of Six” began with a demonic presence and the suicide of a sister. The house was haunted with a demon, described as a demon with horns of a ram. Before the sister had committed suicide by wading in the Mississippi River she had described how the horned demon told her that he would make everything better. Now the demon was convincing the living sister to do the same.

When Ryan Buell and the Paranormal Research Society arrived at the house with the demonic presence they did several tests and it became known that it was “Six” giving them a sign from several states away that it was back. Not long after, Ryan received a phone call from the family that had a daughter that was possessed by “Six.” Ryan decided to have the house blessed by a priest and went on their way back to the same location of the last episode “I am Six.

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Once the Paranormal Research Society arrived it was evident that the demonic spirit had returned or should I say never left. By this point Ryan Buell was upset that they did not help this family the first time and was even more disconcerted with the fact that this demon had done so much damage. Being that Ryan was ready to fight this demon head on he was adamant about doing the Ganzfeld experiment all while using the Shakti helmet.

The Ganzfeld experiment incorporates the reduction of input from the outside world by taping halved ping-pong balls over the eyes and masking all external sounds with the use of headphones that contain white noise. The Ganzfeld experiment puts the experimenter into a state of mind of sensory deprivation.

The Shakti helmet uses magnetic fields with signals embedded in them for consciousness exploration, spiritual growth, mood enhancements, altered-state experience, and learning brain structure and function. The 8 Coil Shakti applies magnetic signals to the head of the experimenter that mimics the electrical signals produced by the brain. Since some brain structures have known “signatures,” they can be “targeted” by applying their signatures as magnetic signals. Just as the brain has specific responses to specific chemicals, it also has specific responses to specific magnetic signals. The Shakti does not use electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.

Combining these two methods for paranormal research is very dangerous and has never been done by any paranormal research team until now. Ryan’s team was not enthused about using these two experiments together and one of the team members even made it clear in the beginning during discussion that he wanted nothing to do with it. After, further discussion the experiment began.

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Ryan placed the Shakti helmet on, amped the juice up on the helmet, and began the Ganzfeld experiment. The mood was somber as the experiment began, but Ryan was determined to rid of this demon that possessed this girl. As the priest began summoning the highest God, the paranormal adventure began. At first, Ryan heard a deep laughter and then a thunderous laugh. During this time he remained calm and in control. As he was provoking the demon he felt a touch on his hand and then a loud terrifying scream that made him come out of his chair in trepidation.

Ryan had heard this scream before; it was the young woman that was possessed by the demon. Once they realized who it was they ran upstairs to find the young woman being choked and thrashing about by a paranormal being. The demon was angry and wanted to show who was in charge. As Ryan went to pick up the young woman off the bed he stated that it felt as though she was being held down, because she was so heavy.

This was the turning point for the Paranormal Research Society out of Penn State University. They knew that there was nothing more they could do to free this woman from this demonic possession than what they have already done. The demon inside of her was too strong and was in complete control. The only thing Ryan Buell could do is send an internet broadcast around the world asking for everyone to pray for this family. This broadcast had colossal viewers and things did indeed change for the time being. The demon is quiet once again.

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I believe this was the most real, terrifying, and heartfelt episode of the Paranormal State seen thus far and I am without a doubt looking forward to next week.