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Overview of the Best Online Diet Plans

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In a society where obesity abounds, there is also a sea of diet plans. Which ones are the best? Which ones really work? How do I sift through all the rhetoric to find which diet is right for me?

I will be exploring three of the top diet plans available on the internet-Weight Watchers, eDiets, and Anne Collins Weight Loss Program.

Weight Watchers:

I will start with my personal favorite, Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers has been around for over 40 years and is one of the most reputable diets around.

Their online program can be done by itself or in addition to going to meetings. If you solely follow the online version of Weight Watchers, you can still find tons of support on their many forums. If you sign up to follow the online version that goes hand in hand with the meetings (called eTools), you get all the same benefits of the online version, but at a substantial discount.

Weight Watchers TurnAround offers two options to losing weight.
The most popular program is the FlexPoints plan. You choose what day of the week you want to weigh in. On that day, you are given an allotted amount of points to eat per day based on your current weight. You are also given weekly points for when you need a little extra. Also, you can earn more points by exercising.

The other option is the Core plan. You are given a list of foods you can eat and must stick to this list. This list focuses on primarily low-fat/fat-free foods, limiting meats to a certain portion of only the most lean cuts, and eating healthy carbohydrates. As with the Flex Points program, you are given a weekly balance of points to use on items not on the Core food list and you can earn extra points through exercise. There’s no counting points unless you eat something that is not on the Core list.

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Weight Watchers can be expensive. The online only program is $46.90 for the first month and $16.95 for each additional month. eTools (for people who also attend meetings) will cost you $12.95 a month. This is in addition to the $12 you pay for each meeting.


This website takes the most popular diet plans and allows you to customize them to fit your needs. It is convenient for people who are on the internet a lot. You can track everything right there on line and see your progress.

Their options include:
Total Body Makeover Plan
The Mayo Clinic Plan
Atkins Nutritional Approach
Glycemic Impact Diet Plan
eDiets alternative to Jenny Craig
Plus, a host of other plans to fit any need.

There are numerous newsletters, recipes, forums and they will even cook all of your meals and deliver them to your door.

eDiets costs $4.99 a week. However, they often run specials.

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program:

I came across this program while surfing the internet. I had never heard of it before, so I thought I’d check it out. It seems to be similar to eDiets.

Anne Collins offers many weight loss choices including:
Low Carb Diet
Balanced Diet
14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet
GI Diet (For better blood glucose control)
Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
10-Minute Meals Diet
Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet
Diet for Life
Vegetarian Diet for Life

Each diet includes sample menus and you can download Anne Collins Weight Loss book once you have joined.

She definitely has the best bargain out there. It’s only $19.97 a year. That’s only 38 cents a week! And she has 60 day money back guarantee.

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These three diets just scratch the surface of the option out there for losing weight. All of them have their own slant on eating less and moving more. But whatever diet you choose, be h