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Opinion Outpost Scam

There are a great many companies offering paid to click, fill out surveys, read emails, visit websites, write, the list goes on. But I am going to concentrate on just the one survey company for now, Opinion Outpost.

Firstly I want to say I have not been paid to write this review and I am not an affiliate of the Opinion Outpost Company in any way.

Opinion Outpost is a well-known name in the online survey takers world, many people who know the in’s and out’s of online survey taking will have joined the opinion panel and of course taken surveys. In the world of online income everybody who tries to make money online wants to make easy and quick money.

Easy money at Opinion Outpost?

Answer – Yes!

“Great” you might say… but you really do have to grit your teeth and bear with possible rejection sometimes. What do I mean by rejection?

Pre-qualification surveys is what is meant by a possible rejection. With many surveys you are required to take a preliminary survey about yourself , of which if you don’t fit the criteria you do not get to take the survey… all fair you say… but you may begin to question the time spent filling out a pre-qualification survey, only to not qualify and not get paid for the time well spent on the preliminary questions. Especially if it is one after the other rejections!

Okay here is the scoop – Opinion Outpost provide you with invites to take surveys as per requested by ‘participating’ companies or individuals. You are paid for your time in completing a survey via a reward scheme which involves points. These points are redeemable for cash, there is a minimum payout level you must achieve every month.

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Also some surveys will offer you prize draw entries, gift certificates and other incentives to complete a survey.

These survey invites are sent to your email, but remember you will have to fill out a pre-qualifier.

If you do pre-qualify you are well on your way to making some valuable points that can be redeemed for cash.

So are you going to make any money out of being a survey taker for Opinion Outpost?

Answer – Yes!

Are you going to make as fortune by taking surveys for opinion Outpost?

Answer – No!

As with many online money making ventures it will be your time that is invested in the program, and how many opportunities you will actually receive from the company to fill out surveys that you qualify for.

You will however be paid, this is something that Opinion Outpost can be recommended for, they are not a dead-in -the-water company and have been supplying people with surveys for quite some time now, with a great many happy members.

There are however a lot of unhappy ex-member who feel scammed or duped by the lengthy preliminary surveys, in which many survey takers feel go way to far with questioning and can often feel like a survey itself.

The important question that needs answering is ‘Opinion Outpost – is it a scam?”

Answer – No not by a long shot, you will make a little extra cash, but you are not going to make a fortune. So don’t give up your day job just yet.

Although there are survey takers out there in the online revenue world who do actually earn money through multiple survey companies. So it is good not to place your onions in one basket so to speak.

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Surveys do range in time difference, you are not paid vast amounts of point per survey, but at the end of the month along with other revenue you may be making online, it certainly mounts up.

So it is in your interest to be doing as many online income opportunities as you can, which i am only stating as a matter of fact so you are not deceiving yourself into thinking you will make a fortune right away.

Juggle them around, try some out, research the companies and principally do not get scammed.

Opinion Outpost is not a scam, but I can see why some people may judge the company as being online scammers, it is because usually they have gone into the world of online income expecting to make thousands overnight. This is simply not going to happen unless you are really lucky!

Good Luck Guys and Girls 🙂 Please be my guest and comment below if you have anything to add.

Source: opinionoutpost.com – opinionoutpost.co.uk